The 2017 Film & History Conference
November 1-5
The Historic Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Representing "Home"
The Real and Imagined Spaces of Belonging

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The 2017 Film & History Conference will explore all aspects of film—from production and distribution to exhibition and reception—that concern the representation of “home.” Perhaps the most familiar image on screen, “home” is a reflection of cultural ideals and a refraction of complex ideologies. It can be the easy site of privacy and belonging or the difficult site of pain and longing. What stories—of nations and ethnicities, of genders and classes, of technologies and economies—do films present in their depictions of “home”? Is it a historical and ideological anchor, an aesthetic weapon, a psychological escape? When is the representation of "home" a critical doorway into a film, a genre, an artist, or a culture?

Featured Event

Film & History is delighted to announce that the international premiere of 130 Year Road Trip Live—a live participatory documentary—will be the featured event at our 2017 conference. The film/performance explores the history of spatial planning in Nazi Germany, its understandings of home, nation, and belonging, and its roots in the North American colonial practices of 1883.

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Past Film & History Conferences

The Film & History conference began in 2000 under the leadership of editor-in-chief Peter Rollins. Held biennially from 2000-2012 and annually beginning in 2013, it has grown into an international event for scholars working in a wide range of disciplines.

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