Representing "Home"
The 2017 Film & History Conference


List of Area CFPs

The list below includes all areas for the 2017 Film & History Conference. Click on the name of an area to view the CFP, or on the [PDF] link beside it to download a printable copy. Submissions to, or questions about, a particular area should be directed to the Area Chair whose contact information appears at the bottom of the CFP.



At Home with TV FamiliesPDF

Australia on Screen: A Home for Whom?PDF

Behind Closed Doors: Biopics, Documentaries, and the DomesticPDF

Be/Longing: Women and the American HomePDF

Classical Antiquity: Between nostos and exiliumPDF

Defending the Homeland: War and Nationalism on ScreenPDF

Far From Home: Migrants, Refugees, Expats, and ReturneesPDF

Fourth CinemaPDF

Home, Home on the Screen—And in the Cloud as WellPDF

Home is Where the Homo Is: Creating LGBTQ Media FamiliesPDF

Home, Unsweet Home: Invasions into Private and Safe SpacesPDF

Homelessness and the MediaPDF

Horror is Where the Heart Is: Representations of Home in the Horror GenrePDF

Independent Film: A Place to Call Our OwnPDF

Jewish Cinema: Community, Family, and State as HomePDF

Melodrama: Home is Where the Heart IsPDF

No Place Like Home -- In the Film Musical PDF

Our Shared Home: The Environment on FilmPDF

Race, Ethnicity, and the Home: A Peaceful Place to Lay My Weary Body PDF

Science Fiction: Homes -- and Homelands -- of the FuturePDF

Shakespeare: Representations of Home and SpacePDF

The Studio SystemPDF

Westerns: Where the Deer and the Antelope PlayPDF



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