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Golden Ages: Styles and Personalities, Genres and Histories
The 2014 Film & History Conference

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DEADLINE for abstracts: 1 June 2014

The face of Greta Garbo. The charisma of Cary Grant. The charm of Jimmy Stewart. These are not just regular people. They are “gods” in the cinematic pantheon. The Hollywood star system during the studio era created stars to be admired, molded to fit the style of the studio. Stardom did not happen on its own, but it was carefully manufactured and presented by the studios for public consumption. Names were changed. Beauty was enhanced. Images were created. Still, stardom is hard to define. Who is a star and who is just another actor? Why does the public care so much about the personal lives of stars? Why do we want to be like our favorite stars? What role does stardom play in box office success? How were individual stars constructed by the studios? What role did network television have in the evolution of stardom?

This panel invites papers on a wide range of topics related to the Movie Star during the Golden Ages including (but not limited to):

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