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Film & History strives to publish timely, insightful reviews of scholarly books on film and history, broadly conceived. If a book on the list below catches your scholarly interest, please consider reviewing it for us.

Reviews should be between 500 and 1500 words, and offer a critical assessment of the book's value to scholars as well as an overview of its contents. Reviews may be submitted in any format, but are subject to editing to fit Film & History's house style. Film & History will consider unsolicited reviews for publication, provided they meet the journal's standards for length, style, and content.

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Books Available for Review in Film & History (15 January 2017)


1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, Steven J. Schneider, Ian Haydn Smith

A Companion to the War Film, Douglas A. Cunningham and John C. Nelson

A Companion to Wong Kar-wai, Martha P. Nochimson

A History of Narrative Film, David A. Cook

Anxiety Muted, Stanley C. Pelkey II & Anthony Bushard

Art Direction & Production Design, Lucy Fischer

At the End of the Street in the Shadow, Matthew Asprey Gear

Avant-Doc, Scott Macdonald

Awakening The Eye, George Kouvaros

Barbara Koppel.Interviews, Gregory Brown

Berlin Replayed, Brigitta B. Wagner

Bigger than Ben-Hur, Barbara Ryan and Milette Shamir

Birth of an Industry, Nicholas Sammond

Black Male Frames, Roland Leander Williams Jr.

Blackness Is Burning, TreaAndrea M. Russworm

Bodies in Pain, Tarja Laine

Borderland Films, Dominique Brégent-Heald

Britain 2, Neil Mitchell

British Rural Landscapes on Film, Paul Newland

Broadcasting Modernity, Yeidy M. Rivero

Buccaneer, Donald Dewey

Capital and Popular Cinema, Valentina Vitali

Carceral Fantasies, Alison Griffiths

Cartomancy and Tarot in film 1940-2010, Emily E. Auger

Cecil Hepworth, Simon Brown

Celebricities, Anthony Curtis Adler

Celluloid Pueblo, Jennifer L. Jenkins

Censoring Racial Ridicule, M. Alison Kibler

Cinema Approaching Reality, Victor Fan

Cinema Civil Rights, Ellen C. Scott

Cinema In Service of the State, Lars Karl and Pavel Skopal

Cinema without Reflection, Akira Mizuta Lippit

Classical Hollywood Cinema, James Zborowski

Climate Trauma, E. Ann Kaplan

Colonial Cinema in Africa, Glenn Reynolds

Composing for Moving Pictures, Jason M. Gaines

Compound Cinematics: Akira Kurosawa and I, Shinobu Hashimoto

Coppola's Monster Film, Steven Travers

Costume, Makeup, and Hair, Adrienne L. McLean

Critical Approaches to the Films of Robert Rodriguez, Frederick Luis Aldama

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Justin Hill

Culture On Two Wheels, Jeremy Withers and Daniel P. Shea

Cypriot Cinemas, Costas Constandinides & Yiannis Papadakis

Dan Duryea: Heel With a Heart, Mike Peros

Designing Sound, Jay Beck

Desires for Reality, Benjamin Halligan

Devices of Curiosity, Oliver Gaycken

Directed by God, Yaron Peleg

Directory of World Cinema China 2, Gary Bettinson

Directory of World Cinema India, Adam Bingham

Directory of World Cinema Scotland, Bob Nowlan & Zach Finch

Documenting Cityscapes, Iván Villarmea Álvarez

Dolce Vita Confidential, Shawn Levy

Downtown Film & TV Culture 1975-2001, Joan Hawkins

Drawing The Iron Curtain, Maya Balakirsky Katz

Dreaming of Cinema, Adam Lowenstein

East Asian Film Noir, Chi-Yun Shin and Mark Gallagher

Eastern Horizons, Elizabeth Rawitsch

Editing and Special/Visual Effects, Charlie Keil and Kristen Whissel

Empire Films and the Crisis of Colonialism 1946-1959, Jon Cowans

Enemies To Allies, Brian C. Etheridge

Éric Rohmer: A Biography, Antoine de Baecque and Noël Herpe

Espionage and Exile, Phyllis Lassner

Expressionism and Film, Christian Kiening and Ulrich Johannes Beil

Extreme Cinema: The Transgressive Rhetoric of Today's Art Film Culture, Mattias Frey

Extreme Cinema: Affective Strategies in Transnational Media, Aaron Michael Kerner and Jonathan L. Knapp

Fado and the Urban Poor in Portuguese Cinema of the 1930's and 1940's, Michael Colvin

Fantasy of Modernity, Aarti Wani

Farber On Film, Robert Polito

Father Knows Best, Mary R. Desjardins

Featuring Post-National Spain, Andrés Zamora

Fiery Cinema, Weihong Bao

Film Blackness, Michael Boyce Gillespie

Film Books: A Visual History, Breixo Viejo

Film Noir Compendium, Alain Silver and James Ursini

Filming for the Future: The Work of Louis van Gasteren, Patricia Pisters

Forgotten Dreams, Laurie Ruth Johnson

From Empire to the World, Malini Guha

From Self-Fulfilment to Survival of the Fittest, Ewa Mazierska

From the Headlines to Hollywood, Chris Yogerst

Girls Will Be Boys, Laura Horak

Global Cinematic Cities, Johan Andersson and Lawrence Webb

Hal Ashby and the Making of Harold and Maude, James A. Davidson

Hamilton Babylon a History of the McMaster Film Board, Stephen Broomer

Have Gun - Will Travel, Gaylyn Studlar

Henry-Georges Clouzot, Christopher Lloyd

Hidden In Plain Sight, Colin Williamson

Hitler in the Movies, Sidney Homan & Hernan Vera

Hollywood Divided, Kevin Brianton

Hollywood, A Very Short Introduction, Peter Decherney

Home Movies, Claire Jenkins

Humor and Latina/o Camp in Ugly Betty, Tanya González and Eliza Rodriguez Y Gibson

Hybrid Heritage on Screen, Elena Oliete-Aldea

Imagining New York City, Christoph Lindner

Immigration Cinema in the New Europe, Isolina Ballesteros

Imperial Projections, Wolfgang Fuhrmann

Impersonal Enunciation, Or the Place of Film, Christian Metz

It's the Pictures That Got Small, Anthony Slide

James Cagney Films of the 1930's, James L. Neibaur

Jean Desmet's Dream Factory, Jaap Guldemond & Marente Bloemheuvel

Jim Jarmusch, Sara Piazza

John Lasseter, Richard Neupert

Justice Performed, Sarah Kozinn

Knots Landing, Nick Salvato

Kurt Kren: Structural Films, Nicky Hamlyn, Simon Payne and A.L. Rees

Little Horrors, T.S. Kord

Living Cargo, Steven Blevins

Making Time, Maria Pramaggiore

Marc Karlin Look Again, Holly Aylett

Marxism and Film Activism, Ewa Mazierska & Lars Kristensen

Mary Astor's Purple Diary, Edward Sorel

Matinee Melodrama, Scott Higgins

Maverick, Dennis Broe

Maya Deren Incomplete Control, Sarah Keller

Mexico on Main Street, Colin Gunckel

Mike Nichols, Kyle Stevens

Monsters In The Machine, Steffen Hantke

Monstrous Adaptations, Richard J. Hand and Jay McRoy

Monstrous Nature, Robin L. Murray & Joseph K. Heumann

Monstrous Progeny, Lester D. Friedman and Allison B. Kavey

Mothers, Comrades and Outcasts in East German Women's Films, Jennifer L. Creech

Movie Journal, Jonas Mekas

Movie Migrations, Hye Seung Chung & David Scott Diffrient

Movies in the Age of Obama, David Garrett Izzo

Movies, Myth & the National Security State, Dan O'Meara, Alex Macleod, Frederick Gagnon, David Grondin

Multiplicities in Film & Television, Amanda Ann Klein and R. Barton Palmer

Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources, Kendra Preston Leonard

Muslim Women in French Cinema, Leslie Kealhofer-Kemp

New Approaches to Gone with the Wind, James A. Crank

Nollywood, Jonathan Haynes

Notions of Genre, Barry Keith Grant and Malisa Kurtz

Of Elephants & Toothaches, Eva Badowska and Francesca Parmeggiani

Of Walking In Ice, Werner Herzog

Off To The Pictures, Lisa Stead

Our Gang, Julia Lee

Our Own Image, Barry Barclay

Outside The Lettered City, Manishita Dass

Phantom Ladies, Tim Snelson

Poitier Revisited, Ian Gregory Strachan and Mia Mask

Politics in Popular Movies, John S. Nelson

Postfeminism and the Fatale Figure in Neo-Noir Cinema, Samantha Lindop

Post-Object Fandom, Rebecca Williams

Post-Yugoslav Cinema, Dino Murtic

Producing, Jon Lewis

Projections of Memory, Richard I. Suchenski

Projecting Race, Stephen Charbonneau

Propaganda Documentaries in France 1940-1944, Jean-Pierre Bertin-Maghit

Queer Cinema in the World, Karl Schoonover and Rosalind Galt

Quit India, Dror Izhar

Realizing the Witch, Richard Baxstrom & Todd Meyers

Reconstructing Violence, Deborah E. Barker

Recycled Stars, Mary R. Desjardins

Red Alert, Ewa Mazierska and Alfredo Suppia

Referentiality and the Films of Woody Allen, Klara Stephanie Szlezák and D.E. Wynter

Reform Cinema in Iran, Blake Atwood

Reframing The Subject, Kelly Ritter

Re-Imagining Defa, Seán Allan and Sebastian Heiduschke

Remote Control, Caetlin Benson-Allott

Representing 9/11, Paul Petrovic

Reverse Shots, Wendy Gay Pearson and Susan Knabe

Robert Altman: In the American Grain, Frank Caso

Sam Peckinpah, Festival del film Locarno

Screening Images of American Masculinity in the Age of Postfeminism, Elizabeth Abele and John A. Gronbeck-Tedesco

Seeing Sarah Bernhardt, Victoria Duckett

Shot on Location, R. Barton Palmer

Showman of the Screen, A.T. McKenna

Simultaneous Worlds, Jennifer Feeley & Sarah ann Wells

Slums On Screen, Igor Krstić

Some of These Days, James Donald

Something In The Blood, David J. Skal

Sounding the Modern Woman, Jean Ma

Spartacus in the Television Arena, Michael G. Cornelius

Spoiler Alert!, Cornelia Klecker

Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering, Rebecca Bell-Metereau and Colleen Glenn

Stars in World Cinema, Andrea Bandhauer & Michelle Royer

Still In The Saddle, Andrew Patrick Nelson

Surviving Images, Kamran Rastegar

Television A Biography, David Thomson

The Ambivalent Legacy of Elia Kazan, Ron Briley

The Apu Trilogy, Robin Wood

The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Cinema, Matthew Edwards

The Chaplin Machine, Owen Hatherley

The Cinema of Errol Morris, David Resha

The Cinema of Poetry, P. Adams Sitney

The Cinema of Robert Altman, Robert Niemi

The Cinema of Wong Kar Wai, Wong Kar Wai, John Powers

The Classical Mexican Cinema, Charles Ramirez Berg

The Cool and the Crazy, Peter Stanfield

The Documentary Film Reader, Jonathan Kahana

The Essay Film, Elizabeth A. Papazian & Caroline Eades

The Face That Launched a Thousand Lawsuits, Jessica Lake

The Fighting Sullivans, Bruce Kuklick

The Films of Delmer Daves, Matthew Carter and Andrew Patrick Nelson

The First King of Hollywood, Tracey Goessel

The Hollywood Trust, Kia Afra

The Komedi Bioscoop: Early Cinema in Colonial Indonesia, Dafna Ruppin

The Laughing Dead, Cynthia J. Miller and A. Bowdoin Van Riper

The Lord of the Rings, Lorna Piatti-Farnell

The Magic World of Orson Welles, James Naremore

The Major Realist Film Theorists, Ian Aitken

The Maltese Falcon to Body of Lies, Robert Von Hallberg

The Mind Screen, Georg Schmid

The Ordinary Man of Cinema, Jean Louis Schefer

The Politics and Poetics of Cinematic Realism, Hermann Kappelhoff

The Politics of Magic, Qinna Shen

The Sagebrush Trail, Richard Aquila

The Salome Ensemble, Alan Robert Ginsberg

The Screen is Red, Bernard F. Dick

The Silence of the Lambs: Critical Essays on a Cannibal, Clarice, and a Nice Chianti, Cynthia J. Miller

The Subject of Torture, Hilary Neroni

The Symbolism and Sources of Outlander, Valerie Estelle Frankel

The TV Detective, Helen Piper

The U.S.-Mexico Border in American Cold War Film, Stephanie Fuller

The Use and Abuse of Cinema, Eric Rentschler

The Westerns and War Films of John Ford, Sue Matheson

The Writers, Miranda J. Banks

The X-Files, Theresa Geller

They Live, D. Harlan Wilson

Thinking in the Dark, Murray Pomerance and R. Barton Palmer

Thinking Kink, Catherine Scott

Tom Cruise Performing Masculinity in Post Vietnam Hollywood, Ruth O'Donnell

Torture Porn in the Wake of 9/11, Aaron Michael Kerner

Transactions with the World, Adam O'Brien

Twenty British Films, Brian McFarlane

Ukranian Cinema, Josua First

Unspeakable Histories, William Guynn

Uplift Cinema, Allyson Nadia Field

Virtual Memory, Homay King

Visions of Development, Peter Sutoris

When Movies Were Theater, William Paul

Whoniverse, Lance Parkin


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