Film & History 2013 Conference
Making Movie$: The Figure of Money On and Off the Screen

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Deadline: August 1, 2013

Submissions to the Film & History Conference are handlled by a group of dedicated scholar-volunteers who act as "area chairs," who gather papers on broad topics related to the theme of the conference and organize them into panels. The areas currently established for the 2013 conference are listed below. Click on the name of the area for its Call For Papers, including contact information for the area chair.

To propose a paper in a given area, email a 200-word abstract to the area chair at the address listed at the bottom of the appropriate CFP.


Bigger, Faster, Brighter: The Histories and Economies of Special Effects[PDF]
Chair: A. Bowdoin Van Riper

Capital, Inc: Capitalists, Capitalism & Corporations in the Cinematic Imagination[PDF]
Chair: Christopher Stone

Cash and Cinema Culture: The Finances of Exhibition, Distribution, and Preservation[PDF]
Chairs: Deborah Carmichael and Brian Real

Cash or Credit: Value and Exchange in Post-Millennial Cinema[PDF]
Chair: Catherine Liu

Co-Producing Cultural Memory[PDF]
Chairs: Cheryl Dueck & Florentine Strzelczyk

Financing the Frontier: Money and the Cinematic West[PDF]
Chair: Sue Matheson

Historical Film as Commodity: Hyperbolic Alteration (Un)Necessary[PDF]
Chair: Vincent Bisson

Larger Than Life: Superheroes at the Box Office[PDF]
Chair: Zachary Ingle

Market Manners: The Exchanges Between Economies and Cinematic Style[PDF]
Chair: Tony Osborne

Marking and Marketing Women: Sex, Violence, and Money in Film[PDF]
Chair: Karen A. Ritzenhoff

Money and the Genre Film[PDF]
Chair: Andrew Howe

Money Makes the World Go Around: Screening National & Transnational Transactions[PDF]
Chair: Elizabeth Rawitsch

Money Talks: The Economics of Film Sound[PDF]
Chairs: Eric Dienstfrey & Katherine Quanz

Of Money and Mice: Animated Representations of Class, Wealth, and Consumer Culture[PDF]
Chair: Tiffany Knoell

Old Money: The Economics of the Ancient World on Film[PDF]
Chair: Lorenzo F. Garcia, Jr.

Race-ing the Movie Industry[PDF]
Chair: Deborah Kitchen-Døderlein

“Show Me the Money!”: The Economics of Sports on Film[PDF]
Chair: Zachary Ingle

They Work Hard for the Money: Gender, Labor, and Livelihood[PDF]
Chair: Laura Mattoon D'Amore



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