Call for Authors

“National Cinema” Reference Book Series

to be published by The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

Queries & Proposals: Cynthia J. Miller, series editor •

Next Deadline: 15 December 2013

The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group is seeking authors for new scholarly reference books on a wide range of national cinemas, to be published as part of its rapidly growing “Film and History” book series. These single-volume reference works will be marketed to college & university, high school, and larger public libraries. Each should be a comprehensive introduction and overview of its subject: an authoritative, go-to source for established scholars and students alike that reflects recentpopular-culture scholarship, but is accessible to non-specialists.

Proposals for volumes focused on national cinemas, such as The Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Film, are welcome, as are proposals for particular facets of a nation’s cinema, such as The Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Horror Films. Each will include essays on the history and culture of the nation’s cinema industry (or the genre tradition under examination), major figures from both sides of the camera, critical discourse (where appropriate), and of course, the films.

Authors interested in writing one of the three volumes should submit a proposal including: 1) A brief statement of interest, including prior research on the national cinema in question; 2) A tentative list of entries, with some indication of proposed lengths for each (short, medium, long); 3) A brief CV; 4) A writing sample consisting of one or two entries from your tentative list. Proposals for any given volume will be accepted until the volume is assigned, but allproposals received before this year’s final deadline –15 December 2013– will be guaranteed full consideration. Authors may submit proposals for multiple volumes, but each proposal should be complete in itself.



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