Call For Proposals

Film and History

A New Book Series from The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group

Series Editor: Cynthia J. Miller


The Scarecrow Press Film and History Series is currently accepting proposals for volumes focused on the ways in which film uniquely reflects and shapes our knowledge of our social and historical worlds. Film is, inescapably, both an artifact and agent of history – a product of the historical moment from which it is created, released, and consumed, a chronicle of lives and times, and a tool of social and historical learning – and as such, mediates our understanding of social and historical themes, genre patterns, and critical events.

The series seeks to include both single-author and edited volumes concerned with film’s complex interrelationship with history across a range of genres and national traditions, from the silent era to the present. It is critical, however, that works in the series clearly situate its topics of study – themes, films, directors, actors, audiences, production companies – in relation to the larger framework of historical narrative. Whether considering an element of cinematic history, or the ways in which cinema makes and adapts history, authors and editors should bear in mind the mutually constructed nature of these two means by which we tell stories about ourselves and our heritage.

Volumes in the series will typically run between 80,000-110,000 words, exclusive of notes, bibliography, and index. Authors and editors are responsible for negotiating and securing their own permissions for use of images, illustrations, and other material subject to copyright. Proposals should include a discussion of the volume’s significance, its relationship to existing scholarly literature, intended readership, a proposed table of contents, estimated length, numbers of images, and projected timeline for completion.

Inquiries and proposals may be directed to the Series Editor, Cynthia J. Miller, at



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