The 2019 Film & History Conference

Designing Culture and Character
Technology in Film, Television, and New Media

IT got us to the Moon, IT killed millions in World War II. How has "technology” on and off the screen shaped the stories we have told ourselves? How have those stories changed, even as the technology has changed? The voices and visions of technology in film, television, and new media pose real challenges to our understanding of societies and individuals. When, for example, does a sword or a computer or a car or a hand-stitched suit define a hero or a villain--or a genre...or a gender? How are plotlines or directorial styles affected by period technologies and by the ideologies that underwrite them? In what ways is the history of film the history of technology?

The 2019 Film & History Conference, to be held November 13-17, at The Madison Concourse Hotel (Madison, WI, USA), invites proposals for areas (multiple panels) and individual papers that examine the role of technology on and off the screen. Please send your one-page proposal to the Director of Communications, Cindy Miller, at or by June 1.

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